Where to Buy 3D Mink Eyelashes!

I’m obsessed with 3D Mink Eyelashes. I wear them everyday and they have now become one of one of the 1000000 beauty products that have become compulsory before I’m allowed to see another human being. This is both bad and good. But mostly good.

If you’ve never heard of these they are basically a gift from the Beauty Gods – normal strip lashes, but thicker, layered and fluffier.

Downside – They’re fairly new on the block so there’s not a tonne of companies that stock them…

So I’ve done what I do best (online shopping) and made a lovely list for you all so you don’t have to do the leg work/finger work.

Starting with my favourite – yes these have had there own special post, back when I first discovered them!

Lilly Lashes

lilly lashes

These come Lilly Ghalichi and the Kardashians are a fan of these. This brand make them big and bold, I use the style Miami because I think these are the most natural looking but they are still big lashes.

These are £29 so quite expensive but definitely worth it. I’ve had so many compliments on them and they are much better quality and so much more beautiful!

 Your best looking on ebay to find them without paying a massive oversea postage charge if your not in the US.

(I use this eBay shop and have had great service with them)

Style: ‘Miami’

Chelsea Beautique

chelsea beautique

Style: No.22

These are beautiful and slightly more natural than Lilly Lashes and a little cheaper at £25 – as well as being UK based. There aren’t as many styles to choose but do we really need more than 4 styles ? no.22 is my fave!

Blinking Beaute

blinking beaute

Style: No.6

This is another US brand but you can get these on Beauty Bay ! These are a really good starting point if your not into huge lashes and want something more natural-looking. They also have a really nice range of styles and a perfect for everyday. £30

Brides – these are great for you too.

Top Tips:

When I pay a premium for strip lashes I’d recommend using a glue that comes with lashes you find in boots and superdrug – I would normally use Duo, but when I’ve spent a bit more on lashes I want them to last longer and so I find they pull off easier and are less easily damaged – but still stay on perfectly all day.

Always remember to trim your strip lashes, 3D or not to fit your eye shape – the strip not the hairs!

These lashes come in thick boxes which are great for travel – hold onto them ! They don’t look bad either.

If you’re looking for lashes for your wedding day and want something a little more full than lash extensions but don’t want the really false look either, these are the best middle ground and I highly recommend them!

I hope you’ve found this post useful! Let me know if you’ve like it and what you want to see next!

Head to my Instagram account @Makeupbyellia to see pics of me wearing my 3D Mink Lashes!

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