The Best Highlighters for Dewy Skin

It’s all about dewy skin, Strobing, Highlighting – basically we want that ‘da-diiiing’ moment, like in teeth whitening adverts – just with the sun shining off our beautiful, ethereal, radiant skin instead.

And this isn’t too much to ask if you’ve got the right foundation and the right Highlighter for your skin type. With this though – and generally but especially this, it’s really important not to overload your face with product, less is more !

I’ll walk you through…

So for normal or combination skin I’d definitely suggest a gel or cream highlight – because your skin will soak it up and blend evenly and leave the most natural finish. Also to point out, always use a liquid or cream highlighter before you use any powder base products – if you apply after this will move and lift any powder you’ve just set.

I personally don’t like anything with too much glitter, I prefer something a little more subtle and dewy so my favourite highlighter product of all time is Milk Face Gloss – it’s a creamy/gel consistency and blends really well, is really natural looking and would go with any makeup look – and it’s middle of the range price wise! I also LOVE Tata Harper Very Illuminating Cheek Tint. This is a more balmy and a  little thicker and reflects light really well.

milktata harper highlighter

                                    Milk – Face Gloss  £13.95                    Tata Harper – Very Illuminating Cheek Tint – £27

For oily skin I would recommend using a skin tint – this is basically a liquid highlighter that sinks and dries on the skin and stays put! I love High Beam & Sun Beam by Benefit. It sinks its beautifully and you go for the rosy or golden. Again no glitter more shimmer (If you fancy another brand take a look at Perricone!).

high beam  sun beam

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam & Sun Beam – £19.50

For dry skin it’s best to use a powder. This is because gels, creams & liquids don’t blend in as well and tend to sit on top of the skin and you can see where the product starts and finishes more easily. Powders are best when used on drier surfaces and blend really easily! The Toofaced Candlelight range really cater for everything and really deliver – staying power – and you can choose between natural and shimmer options…

candlelight candlelight glow

Too Faced Candlelight & Candlelight Glow – £23

These are all products I’ve tried and tested and love but let me know what you think, what’s your favourite?


My Highlight / Strobing Tutorial is now on my YouTube Channel:

Makeup By Ellia

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