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This was the result of a ‘I-need-some-self-indulgence-but-on-a-budget’ kind of day. I’ve been wanting to try some middle-of-the-road (price-wise) brands for my kit so walking past Kiko and heading home just seemed like the wrong thing to do. And I don’t regret this decision peeps. And neither does my bank card.

I hereby swear that should you happen to go and purchase ANY Kiko product – you will not be sorry. Mainly because I spent around £38 altogether for 9 full size products – we can normally only stretch to 2 or 3 items for this kind of dollar.

So these were my faves but quite frankly, they’re all gonna get used so in the words of Borat –



All 3 Infinity Eyeshadows (I say all three, meaning the three I chose.. there’s a massive range)

 in 205 (the peach shimmery one), 210 (the matte red/brown) & 211 (the red/brown shimmery)

These are such high-pigment, apply so evenly and are really long lasting unlike most eyeshadows of this price (I managed to bag these for £2 each! There’s a sale on at the moment, they’re normally around £5 but even at that price they’re a bargain). I’ll be uploading a mini video tutorial of how I use these 3 together so look out for that on my social media accounts and I’ll probably pop it on here as well so watch out for that… @makeupbyellia.


And these are the Lip products – the lipsticks are good enough to rival Mac and Nars so really worth the price (around £6)

My favourite was fifth one along which I’ve been wearing pretty much everyday because I love a matte lip and that’s the Velvet Matte Lipstick in 600. It’s the perfect matte that’s undrying and stay’s on pretty much all day. The pigment is really strong which I love and the packaging is different to anything I’ve seen before. It’s a flat tone, cool, light brown so great for olive skin tones.

The same can be said for the Smart Lipstick in shade 901 in terms of pigmentation. This colour is suitable for most skin tones and so moisturising. This has more of a creamy finish but still blends into the skin so really versatile for day and night.

And the Smart Lip Pencil in 700 was £1.20. £1.20!? Obviously there is really nothing not to like about this, not quite as long lasting as Mac lip pencils but for that many pennies I don’t mind having to re-apply once or twice…

For those that love really creamy/glossy almost balm-type lip-colours the Pencil Lip Gloss (in 08 & 09) is for you. These are really high pigment but also really creamy so you can blend them in or leave it a little heavier but you will need to reapply so keep them in your bag (Second – 09 & third – 08, above).

Lastly, the 3D Instant Volume Plumping and Refreshing Lip Gloss in 216 is a high pigment, pearly buildable lip gloss and again lasts really well, gives definitely plumps the lips, even if temporarily and doesn’t feel too sticky or gunky. I’m not a massive fan of lip glosses myself but this is a great contender.

I would recommend Kiko even if they weren’t such a bargain – permission to fill up that basket.

Go cray cray b*tches.

Let me know what you think and if you know of any other bargain brands that are as good as Kiko – I wanna know!

(Mini Tutorial coming sooon! @makeupbyellia)

E x

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