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I’ve spent the last couple of weekends covered in paint and polyfiller, looking like a mix between one of the seven dwarfs and ‘Kevin or Perry’ after they’d rolled around in some bird poo.

I’ve been decorating my boyfriend, Pete’s bedroom. We were going for a warm beige (this actually turned out lilac – always use testers guys…) and we were covering up yellow and blue striped/patterned wallpaper – so lilac is gonna be fine… Ha!

I’m literally obsessed with Homeware. Honestly, if someone is considering getting a new toilet brush I get excited so the thought of reinventing Pete’s room had me looking at all my favourite homeware stops. Even if there’s no way Pete can be persuaded into buying a marble side-table or a pug print that doesn’t mean I don’t get 110% enjoyment from finding them anyway !

I like to imagine my dream house as being all white and grey, super glam, but to be honest I actually prefer a house to have a bit more personality and it can be a bit cold and boring; it’s definitely important to mix it up with a few cute/funny nick knacks. So I’ve compiled a (long) list of must-have homeware items, that are on trend and everywhere, for your décor inspo/perusal…!

FYI my top homeware websites are

Graham And Green   H&M Home   Etsy Home & Living

Marble Top Side Tables

marble table

Design55 £159

Herringbone Throws


Table Lamps

lamp lamp1

G&G White Marble Shimmering Lamp £110

G&G Diamond Tip Lamp £99

Bean Bags


Palm Leaf Bean Bag £65



Sort London Concrete Planters £12


candle                  candle1

           Peony H&M Candle £6.99        H&M Ambience Candle £7.99


pic pic2

Sarah & Bendrix Print £18                InkPrintArt Giraffe £5.40

Definitely a marble thing occurring here…

I hope you enjoyed this post – if you know of any other Homeware stores you think I’d love, let me know in the comments!


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