January Skin Saviour – Ren


I’m on the January health hype. I’m watching what goes in my stomach and I’m watching what goes on my skin. Too many late nights with my makeup left on – my skin is dry and peeling D:
When my skins in a really rough state I don’t like to overload it with face washes with a tonne of ingredients I can’t read.
So initially I use St Ive’s Apricot Face Scrub with an exfoliating sponge and really scrub to get rid of all the peeling, dry skin on my nose and around my chin and forehead. I’ll do this once or twice every couple of weeks.
But for the rest of week Ren is ideal. Natural, earthy, and paraben free.

It’s a really creamy texture that you could probably use as mask if you felt you needed to because it’s not really drying.
Dermatologists recommend that non-abrasive face washes are best for every day use, especially if you suffer with acne or bad skin.

The moisturiser isn’t too heavy and sinks straight into the skin without leaving excess oils – again very simple and without a tonne of chemical ingredients. Really great for everyday.

Give them a go!

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