The Food Diary | Healthy, Flour Free Egg & Banana Pancakes

I’m never making real pancakes again.

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(Gluten Free and Flour Free !!)

Serves two

1 Banana

3 eggs

Additional Options:

1 handful of Milled Linseed/Flaxseed/Goji Berries to add to the mix – (you can packs of these in the supermarkets – basically just milled seeds and good stuff and it tastes really nice and adds a bit of texture to these – also good for cereal/yoghurt topping)


Natural Yoghurt



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Mash the banana and then add your eggs. Whisk until combined.

Add some milled seeds if you’ve got them because they taste great and bind the mixture together.

Fry with a little oil on a medium to high heat and cook on each side for a few minutes until bubbles start to appear and the pancake can be flipped easily.


A little bit of honey…

image5 (2)

I’m still searching for more gluten-free alternatives so let me know what you know!


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