December Gifts (to myself..)

Couldn’t seem to help myself when I was supposed to be buying Christmas presents… So in between stuffing my face with mince pies and chai lattes, I managed to bag myself some garments – which I love and luckily for you are now in the January sales (…patience is a virtue).


I bought this crop top from Missguided a couple of weeks ago and it goes with everything and can be dressed up or down and you don’t need to wear a bra (I bought some nipple covers for added security which they also sell on Missguided).

Now £10


When I was looking for new winter boots I was looking for something a little less high and a little more casual but to be honest I don’t need an excuse for these. Perspex heels and printed heels are really fashionable at the moment and these are amazing and sooo comfortable. They’re real leather and so soft. You can buy cheaper styles that are similar on other sites but I really think it’s worth paying a bit more for the comfort and the quality. It’s the worst feeling when you can’t enjoy yourself because you’ve got about 20 blisters on your feet D:



This a clutch bag that looks like a load of fluff and stars.

That is really all I need to say.

Now £14

image1 (1)

I queued for about a mile in the Zara sale to get this beaut but it was worth it. Classic fur scarf and in a really lovely creamy mocha colour and it’ll dress up anything you’re wearing day or night.

Now £17.99

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