Lime Crime Matte Liquid Lipsticks

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Blog numero uno is for a new brand I love and the lipsticks are beaut.

I was a little tentative to try this brand because the website and the products are really loud and on first impressions – not really my style. Paloma Faith and ‘My Little Pony’ in a blender? I worried these products would be a little tacky and poor quality.

I’ve placed the link below so you can take a look yourself and see what I’m talking about.

Saying this, I was on the look out for new makeup brands that I hadn’t tried before – nothing wrong with my usual go-to’s (Nars, Mac, Tom Ford etc) but I was getting a little bored of the usual colour palettes and wanted to try something a little more edgy.

When I’m in this kind of mood it’s always lip products that catch my attention and I found Lime Crime on Instagram. Clicked on their website and immediately I went to look at the Velvetines section; they describe this product as ‘The original liquid-to-matte lipstick’. They are exactly as described on the tin and don’t disappoint. My immediate thought with liquid to matte lipsticks is always that they are usually slightly drying and as expected you do need to apply lip balm before using this one. FYI my favourite lip balm is Lanolips 101 Ointment (really thick and long-lasting!).

BUT the choice of colours is so original and really on trend. ‘Cashmere’ was my first pick and is the ultimate Kylie Jenner lip which I’ve been looking for for a while – they describe the colour as ‘Greige’ but it does have a mauve undertone. This is really cool colour and is best suited to cool skin tones – yellow-based, olive and also dark skin.


The best thing about this product was the pigment saturation and the longevity. Not only does a little go a long way with Velvetines but it also lasts pretty much the whole day without any transfer. I’ve not tested these on my clients yet but I know they would be perfect for a bride (an edgy-bride) because of this. 

My second choice was ‘Faded’ and is a deeper pink/purple in a medium tone. Again I love this and I think this tone would be suitable for both pink-based, yellow-based and darker skin tones due to that fact it’s neither warm or cool but somewhere in the middle. Good choice.


And lastly, I thought despite being of an olive skin tone I’d best cater for my fairer clients and chose ‘Bleached’. This is quite a bold peachy-pink and absolutely beautiful. This would be perfect paired with gold/pearl eyeshadows if your that kind of girl. 


Something that’s often really hard to find with lip colours is one that doesn’t need a lip liner to stop bleeding and to create that colour block and that’s another reason I love this product because you don’t need another twenty products to use with it.

This is irrelevant to a lot of people but part of the experience for me is the packaging and I was so pleased when I opened what looked like a bog-standard cardboard box to find it was printed through-out the inside with full-colour Lime Crime print and I LOVED it. Very exciting post that morning!

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